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This article explores how the history of analytic philosophy, with its emphasis on apolitical rigor, has left it particularly susceptible to exploitation by right-wing hate movements which cloak their bigotry in the language of logic.

This article discusses the difficulty of studying the trans experience in light of what Ian Hacking called looping effects:  trans people's experiences are themselves altered by theories of the trans experience.

This paper argues that the concept WOMAN is a theory facade: a concept with many overlapping definitions that get used for different purposes.  This points the way towards a more solidaristic, intersectional politics.  Coauthored with Leif Hancox-Li.

This paper discusses the problem of animal self-consciousness, arguing that animals are self-conscious, in the sense of responding to first-person beliefs about themselves.  Objections based on the mirror test and the false belief task are discussed in detail.

This paper argues that contemporary "accuracy-first" epistemological frameworks entail that an ideally rational agent's self-knowledge is always certain and correct.

This paper explores an under-theorized aspect of decision theory: the precise definition of the acts available to an agent, arguing that some degree of self-reference is necessary to avoid paradox.

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